at Thomas Pump & Machinery, Inc.,

we consistently provide superior customer service. It's our job to offer our customers a versatile line of pumps for a variety of pumping applications. Our line includes pumps of high quality, durability, and performance -in other words, RELIABLE.

GTO Rhino® / GTO Gator®

The GTO Rhino® and GTO Gator®
are heavy duty oil lubricated Pitot tube pumps designed for critical applications making them the most reliable high-pressure pumps in the marketplace.
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Gator Prime

Thomas Pump and Machinery is proud to introduce the Gator Prime, a new solids handling, self-priming pump.
Models: GP-2, GP-3, GP-4, GP-6, GP-8, GP-10, GP-12, GH-3, GH-4, GH-6
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Your ONE source for Pumps, Pump Equipment, Service and Repair
A comprehensive listing of the lines represented by Thomas Pump & Machinery
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At Thomas Pump & Machinery, our customer service does not stop when we make a sale.  We have highly trained machinists that specialize in servicing pumps and pump packages.  WE SPECIALIZE IN PITOT TUBE PUMP REPAIRS.  Our repair facilities are complete with Hofman high-speed balancing machines, lathes, sandblasters, a vertical drill press, high-pressure hot water steam cleaner, milling machines, and much more. The expertise of our technicians encompasses more than welding and sandblasting.  Our technicians are qualified for field service and engineering as well as for troubleshooting systems.  If your pump is in need of repair, we can be reached 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  In most cases, we can send you an exchange pump within hours after your call.


Thomas Pump Service YearsAt Thomas Pump & Machinery, we offer consistent superior customer service.  It is our job to offer you a versatile line of pumps for your pumping application.  We are always standing by to assist you with pump selection, technical questions, order placement, and order expediting.  For years, we have been met these standards consistently.








Striving to distribute the best pumps is not all we do at Thomas Pump. Serving our customers' needs as quickly as possible is our priority. Our warehouse is stocked with a complete inventory of parts and a wide selection of pumps, ready to ship daily.

Also, our factory-trained technicians are readily available to assist with pump selection and product knowledge.

Pump Selection


Blacker Pump

-Unique sliding vane positive displacement viscosity to 5,000,000 ssu, temp to 500F differential pressures to 200 psi cast iron,
-Cast steel, and stainless steel
-Gas compressors for liquid transfer and vapor recovery seal-less magnetic drive

Grundfos Pumps

-Single and multi-stage centrifugal pumps
-Horizontal and in-line designs
-Stainless steel submersible pumps
-Circulating pumps
-Convertible jet pumps
-All stainless steel or stainless steel wetted internals standard

-End suction centrifugals
-ANSI B73.1 and in-line pumps
-Vertical process and sump pumps
-Dry and wet pit solids handling pumps
-Vertical turbine pumps and horizontal split case pumps
-Air-operated diaphragm pumps

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